Eurocine 2010 poster: A cultural connection
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Eurocine 2010 poster: A cultural connection

Eurocine is one of the biggest events in Colombian’s cultural life; every year the festival displays the best of European cinema, presenting a picture of what is being produced in the continent. The poster for 2010 shows the image of a Renault 4 which roof is loaded with big suitcases. Each suitcase represents a country participating in the festival. This year’s poster communicates with Colombians at the subconscious level, creating a subtle but strong connection between Europe and Colombia.

At the beginning of the 1970’s, when the Renault 4 was introduced into the Colombian market, the car aesthetics did not appeal to Colombians, especially young families. The brand had to change its marketing strategy to position the car as a “faithful friend” (amigo fiel in Spanish) slogan still used by many Colombians and usually connected with ideas of reliability, trust and economy. The advertisements worked at a deep level by changing narratives of ‘ugly, fragile and small’ to ‘reliable, friendly, and robust’, attributes that Colombians tend to look for when buying products. In Colombia, Renault 4 managed to connect into other areas that played a significant role in the country’s life, such as football. When the Colombian football team classified for Italy ’90 world cup, Renault-Sofasa gave 25 Renault 4 to each member of the Colombian football team. A Renault 4 was given to  René Higuita, Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama, Leonel Álvarez, Andrés Escobar, Luis C. Perea, Carlos Mario Hoyos, Wilson Pérez, Alfonso “El Bendito” Fajardo, Ricardo “El Chicho” Pérez, Francisco Maturana, Hernán Darío Gómez, among others.

When I saw the Eurocine poster I couldn’t avoid bringing to my mind images of large families going on a holidays packed like sardines into the minute car (My colleague Ivana told me than in Serbia they had similar stories ).  Renault 4 advertising created a link to ideas of family and especially family holidays (see YOU TUBE video below).   The suitcases in the poster connect effectively at a subconscious level by bringing memories back and creating a sense of excitement and expectation. They serve as an invitation to discover new places and new experiences. The image connects to a past, a present, and a future, by showing that the car is ready to go. It is just waiting to be driven; it works as anticipation for the exciting future. For sure, this car will take its passengers to their destination and will bring pleasurable and memorable experiences for those who are travelling inside it.

The material form of the car brings a nostalgic feeling, but also connects on a deeper level to Colombian cultural mythology – tales of reliability and trust. Renault 4 might be remembered as one of the most popular cars in Colombian history but also the car that helped to change automobile rituals. This poster signifies an encounter between Colombia and the old world.

The poster was designed by Jaime Gómez, a graphic designer and photographer from Bogotá.


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